The Daily Twenties is a lifestyle blog written by a group of millennials who are dedicated to sharing advice on cooking, careers, dating, style, and more with their twenty-something counterparts— kind of like a "how to" guide for "adulting." As a Kitchen Columnist, I share my best advice and recipes to help our readers become self-sufficient, grown-up (and even mildly impressive) home cooks.

The Daily Twenties Guide to Kitchen Basics
Okay, so you need to get your kitchen together ASAP. Maybe you just signed a lease on your first ever apartment. Or maybe it just hit you that your roommate’s parents have been generously furnishing your kitchen this whole time…. and your roommate is moving out. Cool. We got you... [read the full article]. 


10 Essentials to Take Your Kitchen from College to Adult
As my college graduation approached, I felt a glow of self-satisfaction from all of my accomplishments. Between giving up Sunday Funday as a weekly ritual and furnishing my apartment beyond its former Bob-Marley-poster-aesthetic, I was a grown up. Most crucial to my new adult persona— I could cook... [read the full article].