Takehollywood is an online database of exclusive video interviews in which Hollywood greats, such as Sophia Loren and Lauren Bacall, share stories and advice to help aspiring entertainment professionals navigate the industry. In refining their SEO and writing their website copy and blog content strategy, I aimed to align Takehollywood with other online industry resources by giving them the voice of the expert. Using the same strategy, I also wrote weekly posts and managed contributing authors for the Takehollywood blog. Look to the right for a few samples of my work.

Sample: Website Content

Photo credit:  Helmuts Guigo

Photo credit: Helmuts Guigo

To the layperson, the view from outside the entertainment world often looks simple and streamlined. People know that their favorite television shows have writers, directors, actors, and an editing team, for instance, but they’re not often aware of the multifaceted, all-pervading roles that really make a production come together. One of these mystery positions is the show runner— a title that doesn’t nearly suggest all of the responsibilities it covers. Show runners run the daily operations of a show, doing everything from writing, to hiring writers, casting, budgeting, and managing the cast and crew. The show is theirs to manage, both creatively and logistically. If this challenging, fast-paced position sounds like your ideal career ambition, then read on…

We’ve collected the best advice from producers, directors, actors— and of course, show runners to give you our top five tips on what it takes to be a show runner.

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Sample: Blog Post

Takehollywood Partners with Urban Arts Partnership for a Live Panel Event with Artes High

Image via Takehollywood.com. 

Image via Takehollywood.com. 

At Takehollywood, we usually ask our acting talent, “How did you discover your love for acting?” Even though we’ve heard some pretty unique answers, we’re usually able to find a common thread between the stories we hear. For example, actors like Vannessa Vasquez of East Los High and Takehollywood Co-Founder, Sasha Alexander of Rizzoli and Isles, both recall, as kids, putting on unofficial performances for their families and friends. The path to pursuing this newly discovered passion, of course, looks different for every actor— but something else we gathered from our interviews is that the opportunity to find mentors and find a supportive environment is a key ingredient in the development of any actor.

That’s why it was so important for us to team up with Urban Arts Partnership, NYC’s largest and fastest growing arts organization, to bring the students at ArTES High School an opportunity to receive feedback and advice from some of our featured talent.

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