Let's Get Links: This Week's Top 5


The Rise of Early Morning Dance Parties— A dance party on a Tuesday… BEFORE work? I just spoke with a girlfriend who had been to one of these… she says there's coffee instead of boos, and people get really into the dancing. It's supposed to be a more energetic, positive start to your morning. To me, this sounds awesome. Sign me up. 

Mean Tweets, Presidential Edition— I can't get enough of celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. President Obama chose some funny ones to read/react to. 

Stay With Me— Helios Dance Theater— A really lovely duet to Sam Smith's Stay With Me. Ever since Segei Polunin + Hozier, I've been looking for more of these pieces choreographed to top 40 songs. 

Everyone looks good in this swimsuit— This was an old ad campaign for Mod Cloth that Refinery29 just wrote about… it really does look good on everyone— I just tried one on! A little too on the costume-y side of retro for my taste, but absolutely flattering. If you like retro and you're thinking about summer already (like I am)… this might be for you.

The Hardest Word To Spell EVER— This is an old article that a friend re-sent to me this week… it comes up in our conversations over text all the time… how do you spell the abbreviation for usually?! My personal favorite is ushe.