About Renae


Oh, hey.
I’m Renae. I’m a writer, reader, photographer, traveler, and lover of good food. Above all, I’m an observer. I like to pause on the things that move me, to dwell on my experiences—even the hard ones (especially the hard ones, sometimes). 

After all, the beautiful and the sacred are often so tightly layered with the murky and challenging. I want to write about baking lemons bars on Sunday morning just as much as I want to write about missed deadlines and hard-fought lessons and the tower of dirty dishes in my kitchen sink.

That’s what I do here. I dwell. I make space for the magical and the mundane, the good and the difficult. I write about cooking, eating, traveling, working, family and friendship, motherhood, womanhood, and everything in between. I write to understand. In doing so, I hope to live more consciously, more slowly.

Drop me a line: hello@renaehilary.com